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Presidents Day follow-up

Несколько "детных" френдов отметились на тему "президентского дня". С опозданием воспроизвожу ответы старшей дочери на вопросы стандартного школьного опросника.

Question: Who was George Washington and what he was famous for?
Margaret's Answer: He was the first President of the United States. He liked to ride horses and he had fake teeth.

Question: Who was Abraham Lincoln and what he was famous for?
Answer: He was the sixteenth President of the United States. He liberated slaves. Once he went to the theater to watch a play and somebody who did not like his ideas shot him with the gun. He also was a friend with Martin Luter King.

Question: Who is the President of the United States now and what he is famous for?
Answer: Barak Alabama. He lives in Washington DC and he is kind of brown. And I think his house is painted all white.

Мое мнение: надо родителям как-то образовывать ребенка на тему современной истории. Или телевизор начать смотреть.
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