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Весь мир в кармане

Финансовая консалтинговака фирма Артон Капитал создала индекс "самых влиятельных паспортов мира."
Паспорта организованы по критерию доступности безвизовых путешествий. Наверху рейтинга - паспорта стран, позволяющие безвизовый въезд или получение визы в порту прибытия в максимальном количестве стран. На первом месте, предсказуемо - США и Великобритания (147 стран). Дальше - Франция, Южая Корея и Германия (145). Потом Италия, Швеция, Дания, Сингапур. Любопытно - на шестнадцатом месте Израиль. Мексика на 22м. Россия на 35м. В самом конце списка - Автономные Палестинские Территории.


Apr. 18th, 2015 01:17 am (UTC)
"что составители рейтингов посчитали за 'страну'" -- as per the site ( http://www.passportindex.org/ ) itself:

"Methodology: The country list is based on the 193 UN member countries and 6 territories (Macao, Kosovo, etc.) for a total of 199. Territories annexed to other countries such as Norfolk Island, French Polynesia, etc. are excluded. Data is based on IATA's Timaticweb platform as well as other sources."

The Timaticweb database can be accessed here: http://www.staralliance.com/en/services/visa-and-health/

Now, if you look at the list of "countries" at the Timatic site, they have 225 of them (including various colonies, such as, indeed, Norfolk Island with its 53 residents). So Arton's choice of 6 "territories" had to be based on some common sense criteria other than simply listing in Timatic; if they have Kosovo, they could have included some other "non fully recognized" countries, such as North Cyprus (but I doubt they'd bother with Abkhazia or North Ossetia or Somaliland...), and if they have Macao, they probably also have Hong Kong and a few other dependencies that have visa rules different from the ruling country (e.g., Guam and CNMI, which used to have a different visa regime from the mainland US).

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